09 Oct @12:30

Sociology as a Population Science

Speaker(s): Dr John Goldthorpe

Date: 12:30 on Mon, 09 Oct 2017

Duration: 1.5 hours

Seminar Series: Lunchtime Seminars

Seminar Room G, Manor Road Building,Manor Road, Oxford, OX1 3UQ

Abstract: John Goldthorpe is one of Britain's most eminent sociologists and a strong advocate of quantitative sociology. In this concise and accessible book, he provides a new rationale for recent developments in sociology which focus on establishing and explaining probabilistic regularities in human populations. Through these developments, Goldthorpe shows how sociology has become more securely placed within the 'probabilistic revolution' that has occurred over the last century in the natural and social sciences alike. The central arguments of the book are illustrated with examples from different areas of sociology, ranging from social stratification and the sociology of the family to the sociology of revolutions. He concludes by considering the implications of these arguments for the proper boundaries of sociology, for its relations with other disciplines, and for its public role.

John Goldthorpe is an Emeritus Fellow of Nuffield College, a Fellow of the British Academy, a Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society. He taught sociology at the University of Leicester before becoming a Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge and Lecturer in the Economics Faculty. In 1969 he came to Oxford as an Official Fellow at Nuffield. His main research interests are in the fields of social stratification and mobility, educational inequalities, and sociological theory and methodology. Sociology as a Population Science (2016) is his most recent book. He is presently working on another, together with Bess Bukodi (Department of Social Policy and Intervention and Nuffield) provisionally entitled Social Mobility, Education and Politics in Modern Britain.