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Congratulations to George Wood for successfully completing his DPhil in Sociology
05 Jun 2017

George Wood successfully completed his DPhil, titled ‘The Formation, Structure, and Multiplexity of Criminal Networks' under the supervision of Professor Federico Varese. Since March, George has been a Postdoctoral Associate in Sociology at Yale University. The Department wishes him all the best for his future career.

Why is Britain so disenchanted with its politicians?
05 Jun 2017

A Financial Times feature on the state of British democracy in the run-up to the general election includes comment from Stephen Fisher, a political sociologist from the Department.

IVF babies do not have lower cognitive skills than naturally conceived children
02 Jun 2017

DPhil Student Anna Barbuscia publishes article in Human Reproduction

Africa's Twins at Risk
02 Jun 2017

Researchers have discovered that one-fifth of twins in sub-Saharan Africa die before the age of five in what is thought to be the first comprehensive study to track the development of twin mortality in that part of the world.

Congratulations to Rosie Shorrocks for Successfully Completing her DPhil in Sociology
22 May 2017

Rosie Shorrocks successfully completed her DPhil, titled ‘Generational change in gender gaps in political behaviour and attitudes: the roles of Modernisation, Secularisation, and Socialisation' under the supervision of Dr Stephen Fisher. Rosie will be starting at the University of Manchester as a Lecturer in Politics in September. The Department wishes her all the best for her future career.

Congratulations to Francesca Ghillani for Succeccfully Completing her DPhil in Sociology
22 May 2017

Francesca Ghillani successfully completed her DPhil, titled ‘Migrating Bodies: The Effects of Transnational Movement on Women's Bodily Practices in Later Life' under the supervision of Professor Sarah Harper. Francesca plans to remain in Oxford to continue her studies on ageing, body and transnationalism. The Department wishes her all the best for her future career.

Professor Melinda Mills keynote speaker at ISA RC28 (Social Stratification and Mobility): Spring Meeting 2017, University of Cologne
27 Apr 2017

Professor Melinda Mills gave a keynote at the ISA RC28 (Social Stratification and Mobility) Spring Meeting 2017 at the University of Cologne.

New publication for Dr Turkay Salim Nefes
27 Apr 2017

Dr Turkay Salim Nefes has written an aricle about 'The impacts of the Turkish government’s conspiratorial framing of the Gezi Park protests'

Richard Breen on 'Gaps in Educational Attainment'
20 Apr 2017

Richard Breen talks about 'Gaps in Educational Attainment' in this youtube clip.

Does Uber Really Prevent Drunken Driving? It Depends on the Study
11 Apr 2017

New York Times online (USA), 07/04/2017, Jacey Fortin

Article on research into whether ride-hailing companies such as Uber help prevent drink-driving and related incidents notes that one such study was jointly carried out by David S Kirk, an associate professor at Oxford University.

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