DPhil Students

Evelina Akimova

Thesis: Mental Health and Unemployment: Frontiers in Applying Molecular Genetics
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Melinda Mills,  

Liliana Andriano

Thesis: Child mortality, maternal education and the environment in sub-Saharan Africa
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Christiaan Monden,  

Satoshi Araki

Thesis: The Broken Promise of Education and Well-Being: The Emerging "Skills Paradox" in Japan
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Takehiko Kariya,  

Giacomo Arrighini

Thesis: The impact of alcohol consumption on British families. From men's and women's inherited propensity to drink to contextual vulnerabilities.
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Melinda Mills,  

Marte Bakkeng Bergan

Thesis: The Gendered Journey of Parenthood
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Heather Hamill,  Professor Oriel Sullivan,  

Pepita Barlow

Thesis: The Effects of Trade and Investment Agreements on Public Health: A Macro-Sociological Investigation
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Christiaan Monden,  Prof David Stuckler,  

Christopher Barrie

Thesis: Labour Mobilization and Contentious Politics in the Middle East and North Africa
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Michael Biggs,  

Felix Busch

Thesis: Identification and Bias Essays on the wage penalty in typically female occupations
Faculty Advisor(s) Colin Mills,  

Nicolo Cavalli

Thesis: Emotions, Traits and Subjective Well-Being
Faculty Advisor(s): Prof Francesco Billari,  Professor David Kirk,  

Roberto Cerina

Thesis: Harnessing Big-Data and Bayesian Learning to Forecast and Monitor Elections
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Stephen Fisher,  

Effrosyni Charitopoulou

Thesis: The European migration crisis: understanding the host communities on the Greek island of Lesbos and in Athens
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Michael Biggs,  

Manting Chen

Thesis: Married Women and Fertility in China and Japan
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Man Yee Kan,  

Carl Drott

Thesis: Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac Militias in Iraq
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Heather Hamill,  

Arun Frey

Thesis: Them Against Us: Assessing the causes and consequences of anti-immigrant violence during the German refugee crisis
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Michael Biggs,  

Takayuki Funayama

Thesis: Better Educated but Politically Uninformed Young: A Social Change of Citizen Creation in Post-war Japan
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Takehiko Kariya,  

Luana Goveia Marx

Thesis: How Do Children of Different Social Background Perform Under Continued Progression in the Brazilian State of Sao Paolo?
Faculty Advisor(s): Dr Tak Wing Chan,  

Domante Grendaite

Thesis: Sociogenomics
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Melinda Mills,  

Zora Hauser

Thesis: The Globalisation of Organised Crime: Why has the 'Ndrangheta been so successful in Expanding Internationally?
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Federico Varese,  

Robert Hellpap

Thesis: Explaining ethnic boundaries by triadic relations in classroom networks
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Jan O. Jonsson,  

Jung In

Thesis: Social Origin and Inequality among Young Adults in the Same Condition: Heterogeneous Paths or Heterogeneous Returns?
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Richard Breen,  

Chris Jacobi

Thesis: Positive Mental Health Over The Life Course
Faculty Advisor(s): Prof Francesco Billari,  Professor Christiaan Monden,  

Michael Katsillis

Thesis: Factors and Processes of Educational and Social Stratification in Greece: The role of Shadow Education
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Richard Breen,  

John Kenny

Thesis: The Effect of Economic Conditions on Support of Environmental Protection
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Stephen Fisher,  

Anna Krausova

Thesis: What social movements ask for, and how they ask for it: Strategic claim-making explaining the successes and failures of indigenous movements in Latin America
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Leigh Payne,  

Kristen Lau

Thesis: Producing Trust in a 'Wilderness of Mirrors': How Cold War spies communicated their trustworthiness
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Heather Hamill,  

Alice Lazzati

Thesis: Modelling the impact of parenting on health, personality and socio-attitudinal outcomes
Faculty Advisor(s): Prof Francesco Billari,  Professor Melinda Mills,  

Joana Lima

Thesis: The Commercial Determinants of Health: a theoretical and empirical study
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Stephen Fisher,  

Iris Lo

Thesis: The Conception and Formation of Families among Non-Heterosexual Women (Lalas) in Urban China
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Man Yee Kan,  

Lukas Lohove

Thesis: Education or Work? Youth Transitions in Urban Migrant Families in China
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor David Kirk,  Dr Rachel Murphy,  

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