DPhil Students

Evelina Akimova

Thesis: Combining Social Science and Molecular Genetic Research to Examine Inequality | Dimensions of Occupations: Do Genes Matter?
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof. Melinda Mills,  

Lewis Anderson

Thesis: A lifecourse perspective on the social gradient in mental health
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Christiaan Monden,  

Liliana Andriano

Thesis: Child mortality, maternal education and the environment in sub-Saharan Africa
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Christiaan Monden,  

Satoshi Araki

Thesis: The Broken Promise of Education and Well-Being: The Emerging "Skills Paradox" in Japan
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Takehiko Kariya,  

Giacomo Arrighini

Thesis: The impact of alcohol consumption on British families. From men's and women's inherited propensity to drink to contextual vulnerabilities.
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof. Melinda Mills,  

Charlotte Baarda

Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Federico Varese,  

Marte Bakkeng Bergan

Thesis: The Gendered Journey of Parenthood
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Heather Hamill,  Prof Oriel Sullivan,  

Anna Barbuscia

Thesis: Outcomes of Fertility Treatments for Children and Families. Evidence from the UK and the US.
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof. Melinda Mills,  

Pepita Barlow

Thesis: The Effects of Trade and Investment Agreements on Public Health: A Macro-Sociological Investigation
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Christiaan Monden,  Prof David Stuckler,  

Christopher Barrie

Thesis: Labour Mobilization and Contentious Politics in the Middle East and North Africa
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Michael Biggs,  

Felix Busch

Thesis: Identification and Bias Essays on the wage penalty in typically female occupations
Faculty Advisor(s) Colin Mills,  

Nicolo Cavalli

Thesis: Emotions, Traits and Subjective Well-Being
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Francesco Billari,  Professor David Kirk,  

Roberto Cerina

Thesis: Election forecasting in multi-party systems: A dynamic, probabilistic model of individual discrete choices based on social cleavages
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Steve Fisher,  

Effrosyni Charitopoulou

Thesis: The European migration crisis: understanding the host communities on the Greek island of Lesbos and in Athens
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Michael Biggs,  

Manting Chen

Thesis: Married Women and Fertility in China and Japan
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Man Yee Kan,  

Soo Min Chung

Thesis: Was it worth moving after all? Irregular secondary movement of North Korean refugees to Britain
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Takehiko Kariya,  

Xuejie Ding

Thesis: Bio-Social Determinants of Health Outcomes: New Approaches and Evidence
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Nicola Barban,  Prof. Melinda Mills,  

Carl Drott

Thesis: Assyrian/Chaldean/Syriac Militias in Iraq
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Heather Hamill,  

Arun Frey

Thesis: People Politics - Exploring the link between populist rhetoric, institutional representation and far-right mobilisation
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Michael Biggs,  

Takayuki Funayama

Thesis: The Cognitive Mobilisation Revisited: The Ineffectiveness of Educational Attainment in Political Participation During Partisan Dealignment and Realignment in Post-War Japan
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Takehiko Kariya,  

Luana Goveia

Thesis: How Do Children of Different Social Background Perform Under Continued Progression in the Brazilian State of Sao Paolo?
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Tak Wing Chan,  

Domante Grendaite

Thesis: The mechanisms underlying the association between genes and educational attainment
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof. Melinda Mills,  

Zora Hauser

Thesis: Why Has the 'Ndrangheta Been so Successful in Expanding Internationally?
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Federico Varese,  

Robert Hellpap

Thesis: Explaining ethnic boundaries by triadic relations in classroom networks
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Jan O. Jonsson,  

Jung In

Thesis: Social Origin and Inequality among Young Adults in the Same Condition: Heterogeneous Paths or Heterogeneous Returns?
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Richard Breen,  

Chris Jacobi

Thesis: Positive Mental Health Over The Life Course
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Francesco Billari,  Prof Christiaan Monden,  

Michael Katsillis

Thesis: Factors and Processes of Educational and Social Stratification in Greece: The role of Shadow Education
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Richard Breen,  

John Kenny

Thesis: Environmental Recession: How Economic Circumstances Affect Support for Environmental Protection
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Steve Fisher,  

Anna Krausova

Thesis: Recognition or Redistribution? Indigenous Movements, Framing Processes and Movement Outcomes in Latin America
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Leigh Payne,  

Kristen Lau

Thesis: Producing Trust in a 'Wilderness of Mirrors': How Cold War spies communicated their trustworthiness
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Heather Hamill,  

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