DPhil Students

Nicole Luongo

Thesis: The Social and Structural Determinants of Eating Disorders among a Cohort of Street-Involved Youth
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Heather Hamill,  

Nicholas Martindale

Thesis: The Impact of Privatization on the Workforce and Unions in State Education: The case of the Academies Programme in England
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Michael Biggs,  

Sarah Masson

Thesis: Unemployment and Family Life
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Heather Hamill,  Professor Oriel Sullivan,  

Polly McKinlay

Thesis: Unmarried lone mothers and the State: Exploring outcomes of illegitimate conceptions across the UK since 1945
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Christiaan Monden,  

Ask Foldspang Neve

Thesis: Estimating the Effects of Large In-Group Gender Differences in Educational Attainment and Ethnic Exogamy: A Population-Wide Study Using Danish Registry Data
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Nan Dirk De Graaf,  

Cecilia Potente

Thesis: Socioeconomic Inequalities in Health
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Christiaan Monden,  

Ran Ren

Thesis: Chinese International Students, International Educational Mobility and China in the 21st Century
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Takehiko Kariya,  

Nathaniel L Rosenblatt

Thesis: All Jihad is Social: Describing the Effects of Neighbourhoods and Networks on Foreign Fighters Joining the Islamic State
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Federico Varese,  

Elena Samarsky

Thesis: Decision-Making behind Highly skilled labour migration. The "surprising" case of German professionals in Britain
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Ekaterina Hertog,   Colin Mills,  

Megan Scott

Thesis: How much of what kind of work? Gender difference in young people's work values and occupational preferences
Faculty Advisor(s) Colin Mills,  

Otto Simonsson

Thesis: The Impact of Meditation on Political Orientation
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Stephen Fisher,  

Jonathan Tam

Thesis: Interaction rituals and social solidarity: Chinese Canadian Evangelical youths' short-term missions to China and Taiwan
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Heather Hamill,  Dr Rachel Murphy,  

Nancy Tapias Torrado

Thesis: Indigenous Women leading the Defence of Human Rights from the Abuses of Mega-Projects in Latin America, in the face of Extreme Violence
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Leigh Payne,  

Matthew T. Tye

Thesis: Older Vietnamese Productivity and the Intergenerational Contract
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Philip Kreager,  

Giacomo Vagni

Thesis: Family Time, Conjugal Time and Time With Others in Post-Industrial Societies
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Jonathan Gershuny,  Professor Oriel Sullivan,  

Fijnanda Van Klingeren

Thesis: Heterogeneity, Trust and Sustainable Cooperation in Common Pool Resource in the field, in the lab and in the lab-in-field
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Nan Dirk De Graaf,  

Mitjo Vaulasvirta

Thesis: Effects of Post-Conflict Memorialization on Adolescents' Intergroup Attitudes in Divided Societies
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Leigh Payne,  

Florianne Verkroost

Thesis: Lifetime Childlessness: Causes, Correlates and Consequences
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Christiaan Monden,  

Wei Wang

Thesis: Delayed Marriages among Women in China - Understanding the Change in Marriage Dynamics in Transitional China
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Man Yee Kan,  

Laurin Weissinger

Thesis: Assessment, Trust, and Cooperation in IT-Security
Faculty Advisor(s)Professor Federico Varese,  

Xijing Wu

Thesis: Proposed field: social movements, political sociology
Faculty Advisor(s)Dr Michael Biggs,  

Julia Zulver

Thesis: High Risk Feminism in Latin America: Women's Mobilisation in Violent Contexts
Faculty Advisor(s)Prof Leigh Payne,  

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