Association United, Association Divided (Journal article)

Author: Yuk Ping Choi

Published: Voluntary Associations in the Chinese Diaspora, ed. Khun Eng Kuah and Evelyn-Hu-Dehart, University of Hong Kong Press, Jan 2006

The Russian Mafia: Private Protection in a New Market Economy (Chapter contributed to book)

Author: Federico Varese

Published: Oxford University Press, paperback 2005, Feb 2005

The Persistence of the Gendered Division of Domestic Labour (Journal article)

Author: Richard Breen, Richard Breen

Published: European Sociological Review, Jan 2005

Sex Work: A Risky Business (Book)

Author: Teela Sanders

Published: Willan Publishing, Dec 2004

The Gendered Division of Labor and Family Outcomes in Germany (Journal article)

Author: Lynn Prince Cooke

Published: Journal of Marriage and Family, Nov 2004

Social Capital: Critical Perspectives (Journal article)

Author: Corinna di Gennaro

Published: British Journal of Sociology, Mar 2004

Sexually Transmitted Infections, Sex and the Irish (Journal article)

Author: Catherine Heffernan

Published: Maynooth: Irish Sociological Research Monographs, Jan 2004

HIV Sexually Transmitted Infections and Social Inequalities: When the Transmission Is More Social Than Sexual (Journal article)

Author: Catherine Heffernan

Published: International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, Jan 2002

Tactical Coordination in Plurality Electoral Systems (Journal article)

Author: David P Myat, David P Myat

Published: Oxford Review of Economic Policy, Jan 2002

Victims of Paramilitary Punishment Attacks in Belfast (Journal article)

Author: Heather Hamill

Published: New Visions of Crime, ed. Carolyn Hoyle and Richard Young, Hart Publishing, Jan 2002

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