Policy Pathways to Gender Power: State-Level Effects on the Division of Housework (Journal article)

Author: Lynn Prince Cooke

Published: Journal of Social Policy, Jan 2007

Work, Orientation and Wives' Employment Careers: An Evaluation of Hakim's Preference Theory (Journal article)

Author: Man Yee Kan

Published: Work and Occupations, Jan 2007

Testing the Spill-Over Hypothesis: Meritocracy in Postgraduate Enrolment (Journal article)

Author: Anna Zimdars

Published: Higher Education, Jan 2007

Social Capital, Social Liabilities and Political Capital: Social Networks and Informal Manufacturing in Nigeria (Journal article)

Author: Kate Meagher

Published: African Affairs, May 2006

Ethnic Agenda: Relevance of Political Attitudes to Party Choice (Journal article)

Author: Maria K Sobolewska

Published: Journal of Elections, Public Opinion and Parties, Apr 2006

Policy, Preferences and Patriarchy: The Division of Domestic Labor in East Germany, West Germany and the United States (Journal article)

Author: Lynn Prince Cooke

Published: Social Politics, Feb 2006

The Political Values and Choices of Husbands and Wives (Journal article)

Author: Man Yee Kan, Man Yee Kan

Published: Journal of Marriage and Family, Jan 2006

'Doing' Gender in Context: Household Bargaining and the Risk of Divorce in Germany and the United States (Journal article)

Author: Lynn Prince Cooke

Published: American Journal of Sociology, Jan 2006

The Role of Dynamic Networks in Social Capital: A Simulation Experiment (Journal article)

Author: Sandra Gonzalez Bailon

Published: Revista de Sociologia, Jan 2006

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