Unsettling Accounts: Neither Truth Nor Reconciliation in Confessions of State Violence (Book)

Author: Leigh A. Payne

Published: Duke University Press, Jan 2008

Unfamiliar with Higher Education: How Bright Students from Non-Traditional Backgrounds Make Their Choices (Journal article)

Author: Sangna Kotecha

Published: Ethnicity and Social Divisions: Contemporary Research in Sociology, ed. Karin Halldén, Elias le Grand, and Zenia Hellgren, Cambridge Scholars Publi, Jan 2008

Persistent Policy Effects on Gender Equity in the Home: The Division of Domestic Tasks in Reunified Germany (Journal article)

Author: Lynn Prince Cooke

Published: Journal of Marriage and Family, Oct 2007

The School Careers of Ethnic Minority Youth in France: Success or Disillusion? (Journal article)

Author: Yaël Brinbaum, Yaël Brinbaum

Published: Ethnicities, Sep 2007

Immigrant Concentration at Schools: Peer Pressures in Place? (Journal article)

Author: Hector Cebolla Boado

Published: European Sociological Review, Jul 2007

Father Friendly Legislation And Paternal Time Across Western Europe (Journal article)

Author: Alison Smith, Alison Smith

Published: Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, May 2007

Social Unity in Britain (Journal article)

Author: Varun Uberoi

Published: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Jan 2007

Unequal Chances: Ethnic Minorities in Western Labour Markets (Book)

Coeditor: Anthony Heath

Published: Oxford University Press, Jan 2007

Work, Orientation and Wives' Employment Careers: An Evaluation of Hakim's Preference Theory (Journal article)

Author: Man Yee Kan

Published: Work and Occupations, Jan 2007

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