Schooling Effects on Degree Performance: A Comparison of the Predictive Validity of Aptitude Testing and Secondary School Grades at Oxford University (Journal article)

Author: Tom Ogg, Tom Ogg, Tom Ogg

Published: British Educational Research Journal, Jan 2009

The Oxford Handbook of Analytical Sociology (Book)

Coauthor: Peter Hedström

Coeditor: Peter Hedström

Contributor(s): Diego Gambetta, Michael Biggs

Published: Oxford University Press, Jan 2009

Opening the Black Box of Link Formation: Social Factors Underlying the Structure of the Web (Journal article)

Author: Sandra Gonzalez Bailon

Published: Social Networks, Jan 2009

The Second Generation in Western Europe: Education, Unemployment, and Occupational Attainment (Journal article)

Author: Anthony Heath, Anthony Heath, Anthony Heath

Published: Annual Review of Sociology, Apr 2008

Does Gender Trump Money? Housework Hours of Husbands and Wives in Britain (Journal article)

Author: Man Yee Kan

Published: Work, Employment and Society, Mar 2008

Education in Finland and the ISCED-97 (Book)

Author: Elina Kilpi

Published: MZES, Jan 2008

An Examination of Educational Attainment of Second Generation Immigrants in Britain (Journal article)

Author: Laurence Lessard-Phillips

Published: Ethnicity and Social Divisions: Contemporary Research in Sociology, ed. Karin Halldén, Elias le Grand, and Zenia Hellgren, Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Jan 2008

Del preescolar a las puertas de la universidad: un análisis de las trayectorias escolares de los estudiantes inmigrantes en Francia (Journal article)

Author: Hector Cebolla Boado

Published: Revista Internacional de Sociología, Jan 2008

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