Diversity and Change in Modern India: Economic, Social and Political Approaches (Book)

Coeditor: Anthony Heath

Contributor(s): Anthony Heath

Published: Oxford University Press, Jan 2010

Social Status and Cultural Consumption (Book)

Contributor(s): Tak Wing Chan, John Goldthorpe

Published: Cambridge University Press, Jan 2010

Traps on the Web: The Impact of Economic Resources and Traditional News Media on Online Traffic Flow (Journal article)

Author: Sandra Gonzalez Bailon

Published: Information, Communication and Sociology, Dec 2009

Ethnic Group Representation in a Cross-National Comparison (Journal article)

Author: Didier Ruedin

Published: Journal of Legislative Studies, Nov 2009

The Educational Attainments of the 'Second Generation': A Comparative Study of Britain, Canada and the US' (Journal article)

Author: Catherine Rothon, Catherine Rothon, Catherine Rothon

Published: Teachers College Record, Nov 2009

Restorative Justice, Rhetoric or Reality? Conferencing with Young Offenders (Journal article)

Author: Christina Stahlkopf

Published: Contemporary Justice Review, Aug 2009

Elite Higher Education Admissions in the Arts and Sciences: Is Cultural Capital the Key? (Journal article)

Author: Anna Zimdars, Anna Zimdars, Anna Zimdars

Published: Sociology, Aug 2009

Codes of the Underworld: How Criminals Communicate (Book)

Author: Diego Gambetta

Published: Princeton University Press, Jan 2009

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