Expansion, Differentiation, and the Persistence of Social Class Inequalities in British Higher Education (Journal article)

Author: Vikki Boliver

Published: Higher Education, Nov 2010

Is Doing a Good Deed Equal to Having a Good Lunch? (Journal article)

Author: Aaron Lai

Published: Significance, Sep 2010

Age, Inequality, and Reactions to Marketization in Post-Communist Central and Eastern Europe (Journal article)

Author: Pia Horvat, Pia Horvat

Published: European Sociological Review, Jul 2010

Who Intermarries in Britain? Explaining Ethnic Diversity in Intermarriage Patterns (Journal article)

Author: Raya Muttarak

Published: The British Journal of Sociology, Jun 2010

The Fix: Soccer and Organised Crime (Book)

Author: Declan Hill

Published: McClelland & Stewart, Apr 2010

Parenting Style and Youth Outcomes in the UK (Journal article)

Author: Tak Wing Chan, Tak Wing Chan

Published: European Sociological Review, Feb 2010

Wealth and Philanthropy: The Economic Elite in Peru 1916-1960 (Book)

Author: Felipe B. Portocarrero

Published: VDM Verlag, Jan 2010

Die Analytische Soziologie in der Diskussion (Book)

Author: Thomas Kron, Thomas Kron

Published: VS Verlag, Jan 2010

Transitional Justice in Balance: Comparing Processes, Weighing Efficacy (Book)

Coauthor: Leigh Payne

Published: United States Institute of Peace Press, Jan 2010

Three Million Trotskyists? Explaining Extreme Left Voting in France in the 2002 Presidential Election (Journal article)

Author: Nathan Sperber

Published: European Journal of Political Research, Jan 2010

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