Ethnic heterogeneity in the activity and structure of a Black street gang (Journal article)

Author: Thomas Grund, Thomas Grund

Published: European Journal of Criminology, Jul 2012

Modeling the impact of supra-structural network nodes: the case of anonymous syringe sharing and HIV among people who inject drugs (Journal article)

Author: Lindsey Richardson, Lindsey Richardson

Published: Social Science Research, May 2012

It’s Gang Life, But Not As We Know It: The Evolution of Gang Business (Journal article)

Author: James Densley

Published: Crime and Delinquency, Apr 2012

The organisation of London's street gangs (Journal article)

Author: James Densley

Published: Global Crime, Nov 2011

Symbols of Nations and Nationalism: Celebrating Nationhood (Book)

Author: Gabriella Elgenius

Published: Palgrave Macmillian, Aug 2011

Explaining Membership in the British National Party: A Multilevel Analysis of Contact and Threat (Journal article)

Author: Michael Biggs, Michael Biggs

Published: European Sociological Review, May 2011

Continuation to upper secondary education in Finland: Children of immigrants and the majority compared (Journal article)

Author: Elina Kilpi-Jakonen

Published: Acta Sociologica, Mar 2011

The Hoods: Crime and Punishment in Belfast (Book)

Author: Heather Hamill

Published: Princeton University Press, Jan 2011

Mafias on the Move (Book)

Author: Federico Varese

Published: Princeton University Press, Jan 2011

Ganging up on gangs: Why the gangs intervention industry needs an intervention (Journal article)

Author: James Densley

Published: The British Journal of Forensic Practice, Jan 2011

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