Ewa Jarosz

Research Officer, Centre for Time Use Research

Research Areas: Social Stratification, Time Use, Health and Well-Being.

Member of

Email: Ewa Jarosz

Tel.: 01865 284464


Time-use patterns, social stratification, health behaviours, BMI, comparative studies

PhD thesis (2015) – Temporal orientations, time-use patterns and social inequality in Poland.


Forthcoming: Jarosz, E. (2018) ‘Unequal times: Social structure, temporal perspective, and time allocation in Poland’ In: Social Indicators Research

Jarosz, E. (2017) ‘Class and eating. Family meals in Britain.’ Appetite 116, pages: 527-535.

Jarosz, E. (2016) ‘Food for thought: A comparative analysis of eating behavior in Poland, Armenia, and the United States.’ Food, Culture and Society, 19(4), pages: 655-679.

Jarosz, E. (2016) ‘The Duration and Dynamics of Leisure Among The Working Population in Poland. A Time-Use Approach.’ World Leisure Journal, 58, pages: 44-59.