Campana and Varese publish survey on "trust among gang members"
26 Jul 2013

Prof Federico Varese and Dr Paolo Campana, part of the ExtraLegal Governance Institute (ExLegi) have published a study in Rationality and Society on trust between gang members.

Michael Biggs interviewed re The Death of Thich Quang Duc
10 Jul 2013

Dr Michael Biggs was interviewed by the BBC World Service for Witness: The Death of Thich Quang Duc


Chan and Bolliver investigate the "Grandparent effect"
30 Jun 2013

Dr Tak Wing Chan and Dr Vikki Bolliiver have published a study in the American Sociological Review, which concludes that children's eventual position in Britain's class system is closely linked to that of their grandparents, not just their parents

David Stuckler's work profiled in the New York Times and The Guardian
17 May 2013

Dr David Stuckler has written for The New York Times  on the subject "How Austerity Kills". His work was also profiled in The Guardian.


Dr Robert de Vries - Dehumanisation of Welfare Claiments
15 May 2013

Dr Robert de Vries was published in The Guardian with his piece "The cuts get personal".

The article has generated a huge response online.

Dr Paolo Campana's work profiled in "Il Fatto Quotidiano"
01 May 2013

Dr Paolo Campana is the subject of an article in the Italian daily Il fatto Quotidiano.

Michael Biggs was interviewed for Talk of the Nation on (U.S.) National Public Radio.
22 Feb 2013

Michael Biggs was interviewed on the history of self-immolation for Talk of the Nation on (U.S.) National Public Radio.


Funda Ustek interviewed by 'Politiken'
17 Dec 2012

Funda Ustek, whose DPhil thesis is entitled 'Is the informal labour market a choice or a trap for less-educated women?', has recently been interviewed on her research by the Danish paper Politiken

Federico interviewed regarding "Mafias on the Move"
07 Nov 2012

"New Books in Terrorism and Organized Crime" Website interviews Federico Varese regarding his new book "Mafias on the Move: How Organized Crime Conquers new Territories".

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