Raheel Dhattiwala (DPhil Candidate) publishes thesis findings in the Hindu
02 Jan 2014

The Hindu (31 December 2013) featured a lead article by Raheel Dhattiwala (DPhil Candidate - submitted), discussing findings from her thesis on violence in Gujarat in 2002. The research is particularly topical as the Chief Minister of Gujarat at that time, Narendra Modi, is one of the main contenders for Prime Minister of India in the forthcoming elections. These findings were initially published in an article, coauthored with Dr Michael Biggs (her supervisor), in Politics and Society.

Rima Majed (DPhil candidate) on sectarian conflict for Al Jazeera
02 Jan 2014

Rima Majed's article 'Did Arab uprisings deepen the Sunni-Shia divide?' was featured in Al Jazeera English, 18 December 2013. Rima's DPhil thesis (supervised by Dr Michael Biggs) investigates the formation of sectarian identities in Lebanon.

Dhattiwala and Biggs: The Political Logic of Ethnic Violence
19 Nov 2012

Raheel Dhattiwala (DPhil) and Michael Biggs have published a new article entitled ‘The Political Logic of Ethnic Violence: The Anti-Muslim Pogrom in Gujarat, 2002’ for Politics and Society 2012.


Shortland and Varese: The Business of Pirate Protection
19 Oct 2012

Anja Shortland and Federico Varese have published a working paper, The Business of Pirate Protection, as part of the Economics of Security Working Paper Series.

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