The Hoods: Crime and Punishment in Belfast by Professor Heather Hamill - now available in paperback
15 Mar 2018

In The Hoods, Heather Hamill explains why an informal system of policing and punishment developed and endured and why such harsh punishments as beatings, "kneecappings," and exile have not stopped hoods from offending.

Book Review: Mafia Life: Love, Death and Money at the Heart of Organised Crime
23 Nov 2017

From Review:

In Mafia Life: Love, Death and Money at the Heart of Organised Crime, Federico Varese journeys into the everyday lives of members of different mafia groups across the globe, from the Sicilian Cosa Nostra to the Japanese Yakuza. Drawing on wiretaps, reportage, historical analysis, legal evidence and biography, this book offers readers the opportunity to go beyond the fabricated images of the Mafia usually offered to the public, writes Baris Cayli.

Building the City of Women: creating a site of feminist resistance in a northern Colombian conflict zone
02 Nov 2017

Julia Zulver's new article in Gender, Place & Culture discusses feminism as a stragety to mobilise for peace, and the history of the Liga de Mujeres Desplazadas.

26 Oct 2017

Professor Federico Varese’s newest book is now available in Italian.

M come Mafia. Dalla Russia alla Cina, dalla Grecia a Dubai. Un reportage affascinante e rigoroso che entra nel cuore pulsante delle mafie globali, scritto da un criminologo col talento di un narratore.

Cultural determinants influence assisted reproduction usage in Europe more than economic and demographic factors
10 Oct 2017

A new paper by Patrick Präg and Melinda Mills in Human Reproduction asks 'To what extent do financial, demographic and cultural determinants explain the vast cross-national differences in ART treatments in Europe?'.

Motherhood, Employment, and the Dynamics of Women’s Gender Attitudes
26 Sep 2017

Muzhi Zhou looks at the dynamics of women's gender attitudes from the perspective of women's conflicting employment and child-rearing responsibilities in her article in Gender & Society.

Different genes affect educational attainment and fertility in different times and places
12 Sep 2017

Felix Tropf, Melinda Mills, Nicola Barban and Charles Rahal from the Department of Sociology with international colleagues discuss how we could be missing important variations when we try to draw conclusions about the influence of genes on human behaviour, because combining data sets from vastly different countries and historical periods could muddy the waters in 'Hidden heritability due to heterogeneity across seven populations' published in Nature Human Behaviour.

Marriage in an immigrant society: Education and the transition to first marriage in Hong Kong
01 Sep 2017

Muzhi Zhou discusses how high immigration might change the relationship between education and marriage in her new article in Demographic Research.

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