Oxford has a wide range of accommodation, offered by Colleges, the University itself, and by a large number of letting agencies and private leases. Contact the University's accommodation office for more information, or check out your college choices.

Waiting until the week before you arrive to seek accomodation is not recommended!

The Department of Sociology in Manor Road Building (a modern building)  is fully adapted for disabled students. However, many of Oxford's buildings are centuries old, some corridors and stairways are narrow, and disabled students may find some routes become lengthy. Please contact us for further details, or alternatively contact your chosen Colleges and the Oxford University Student Union for further advice.

Colleges act as a base for the duration of your time as a graduate student. They provide meals, chapels, social events, sporting clubs, and each has its own library (of varying degrees of size and specialism). Several colleges also provide accommodation for graduate students, either for one year, two years and exceptionally, three years. Some colleges offer scholarships for applicant students. You should check their individual college websites for further details.

Unlike many other universities, teaching at Oxford occurs in several different locations. Although you read for your subject at a College, it is quite unlikely that you will be taught there. Lectures are given in the Examination Schools and the Departments, and they are open to all members of the University. Seminars and classes may be provided in the Departments or in the College of the course provider. Tutorials will be held the College office of the person giving the tutorial. This is one of the reasons a bike is handy to have in Oxford.

All graduate students at Oxford University are members of a department and also of a college.You can state a college preference on your application form or, if you have no particular preference, you can let us assign you a college.

Please use the College search tool to explore the colleges that will accept application for your chosen programme.Stating a college preference or letting us assign you a college will not affect how the department assesses your application and ultimately whether or not we decide to make you an offer. If you do receive an offer from the department then you will also receive an offer from a college or hall, although this might not be the college you stated as your preference if you indicated one.

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