A DPhil is the same degree as a PhD, only the name is different. Oxford uses the term DPhil and other universities use the term PhD.

On average, taught courses require essays and projects to be submitted on a weekly basis, together with preparation for examinations, and the undertaking of original research. The courses have minimum requirements of reading and presentation and successful students will read outside of their recommended reading material. Study at Oxford should definitely be seen as a full time endeavour, and all students find the workload intensive (and rewarding).

The Disability Advisory Service provides information and advice on disability issues at Oxford and facilitates support for students with disabilities. This includes, for example, students with sensory or mobility impairments, long-term health conditions, specific learning difficulties, autistic spectrum conditions or mental health difficulties.  The Common Framework for Supporting Disabled Students outlines the principles underpinning of the University's approach, records existing policy, and defines the roles and responsibilities of those providing support to disabled students.  The current Disability Lead in the Department is Professor Stephen Fisher, the Director of Graduate Studies.

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