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The impact of benefit sanctioning on food insecurity: a dynamic cross-area study of food bank usage in the UK

Published: Oct 2016 | Author(s): Rachel Loopstra, Jasmine Fledderjohann, Aaron Reeves, David Stuckler

Has educational inequality in time investments in young children increased over time? (1961-2011)

Published: Jun 2015 | Author(s): Evrim Altintas

Keywords: Childcare Education Inequality Time use

How much scope for a mobility paradox? The relationship between social and income mobility in Sweden

Published: Mar 2015 | Author(s): Jan O. Jonsson, Richard Breen, Yale University and Carina Mood, Stockholm University

Keywords: Income

Do punitive approaches to unemployment benefit recipients increase welfare exit and employment? A cross-area analysis of UK sanctioning reforms

Published: Jan 2015 | Author(s): Rachel LoopstraAaron ReevesDavid Stuckler, Martin McKee, Faculty of Public Health & Policy, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Keywords: Economic dependency Employment

Navigating Uncertainty: The Survival Strategies of Religious NGOs in China

Published: Sep 2014 | Author(s): Jonathan Tam and Reza Hasmath

Keywords: Religion

Institutional change, happiness and fertility

Published: Jul 2014 | Author(s): Maria Sironi, Arnstein Aassve, Letizia Mencarini

Keywords: Family

Anarchy in the UK: Economic Deprivation, Social Disorganization, and Political Grievances in the London Riot of 2011

Published: Jun 2014 | Author(s): Juta Kawalerowicz, Michael Biggs

Keywords: Economics

85 Years of US Rural Woman’s Time Use

Published: May 2014 | Author(s): Jonathan GershunyTeresa Harms

Keywords: Time use

Change in Tactical and Other Motivations for Party Vote Choice

Published: Apr 2014 | Author(s): Steve Fisher

Keywords: Election

Domestic outsourcing and multitasking: how much do they really contribute?

Published: May 2012 | Author(s): Jonathan GershunyOriel Sullivan

Keywords: Division of Labour Economics